Hello, welcome to Mjdunvierse.com, the site of MJDUNIVERSE. I use this website to display and showcase my work and to test web applications. Plus, the website also hosts comics for the Alphazoidverse series.


The Alphazoidverse

I created the fictional world The Alphazoidverse. Several works that I have created describe it. Furthermore, such works could be seen on the Alphazoidverse page. There is even a wiki named Alphazoidversepedia, which is a wiki about the Alphazoidverse.

Me on other websites

I typically use Mjduniverse, Aposteri and Nuclear Faceplamer as usernames for the accounts I make. In addition, I have a YouTube account to share some of the videos I made, a twitter account, and several other accounts. More:

Some of the Sploder Games I have made could be found on the Sploder page.