New Neuriotronnipedia Design!

The Neuriotronnipedia has a new design!

The list of changes are listed here:

  • The Main Site header and navigation menu is removed.
  • The login link is moved to the header.
  • There is a new navigation menu located on the top.
  • An easier editing interface.
  • The page tools are moved to the lower header.
  • Design fixes.
  • CSS Fixes
  • The toolbar is now located on the top of the wiki page.
  • The layout of the MS and Neuriotronnipedia are no longer intergrated. However, the user intergration still exists.

New Sploder Game: If Zack Lost Flappy Bird

A Screenshot from the game.

There is a new game called “If Zack Lost Flappy Bird” on a Game made by me. It has been getting lots of views lately.

What is the game about?

Zack decides to play Flappy Bird. What is Flappy Bird? Flappy Bird is the dumbest yet most addicting video game ever!

He loses and he wants to try again! After countless hours of trying again and losing, he goes mad.

Link to game: